Investor Proof of Claim Declaration Instructions and Form

Investor Proof of Claim Declaration forms including instructions will be sent to all the investors that have been identified by the Receiver. Once received, investors should return a completed copy of the Investor Proof of Claim Declaration to the Receiver. Please read the form and instructions carefully, complete the form as instructed, and return the signed original to the Receiver by mail. 

See the FAQ portion of this Web site for further information regarding the processing of investor claims.

Please be sure to keep our office informed of all address, phone number, and email address changes. It is imperative that we have the most recent contact information so that there are not future difficulties in reaching anyone. You may keep our office informed of these changes via e-mail to, or by referring to the Contact page in this website. 

 Order Approving Claim Forms

 Order Granting Motion to Employ G. Murray

 Docket 41 Motion to Approve Claims Procedures

 Claim Form


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